Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

More unsolicited opinions from your not-so-humble host…

  • Stop worrying about my Christmas; I will keep in it whatever I choose.
  • If there is a heaven, Hitchens is arguing with Saint Peter right now….
  • The song about  ‘Christmas Shoes’ is idiotic.  I understand the idea of the tear-jerker, but come on….shoes?  Not a ring? A necklace? A sweater?
  •  Do you think Glenn Beck will visit  Jefferson’s Bible at the Smithsonian?  All the evangelicals who accuse Jefferson of being a christian should look into it.
  • Everyone forgets that Ralphie really did shoot his eye out.
  • The Supreme Court hearing the Missouri River case is made up entirely of eastern judges.  Thank goodness for the Lewis and Clark Journals…
  • There seems to be a ‘Seinfeld’ episode for all of life’s uncomfortable moments. 
  • Jennifer Aniston is not the most beautiful woman in history….not even her own generation.
  • Live Christmas trees are better…
  • If our timid foreign policy forces Israel to deal with Iran, we must support them. 
  • Dan Marino always thanked his offensive line. 
  • The Holidays are Happy, because Christmas is Merry…..


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One response to “Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

  1. Stacy Wagner

    Merry Christmas! You’re right about Israel, not so right about Josh Groban:)

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