Samuel Colt made them Equal…

A firm grip and steady eye...

This day marks the US government’s first contract… with Samuel Colt.  Colt made the most of his patent for a percussion ignited revolving firearm.  It was the first repeating firearm in history.  The Texas Rangers first brought attention to Colt’s gun, inspiring the US government to purchase 1,000 in 1847.  Colt was the first industrialist to utilize an assembly line and produced 400,000 revolvers before his death in 1862.

The iconic revolver produced by Colt… was the 1851 Navy.  Smaller in frame and calibre, the Navy was more manageable and easier to conceal.  It became the standard sidearm of the US military until 1873.  Colt produced over 250,000 between 1851-1873.  The revolver was the favorite weapon of Wild Bill Hickok, Ned Kelly, and William Quantrill.   As the old saying goes, “God made all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.”

Dependable and accurate



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3 responses to “Samuel Colt made them Equal…

  1. Donna Sheaffer

    Another good one

  2. Chuy

    this has been my favorite one so far.

  3. Joe

    Colt will always remain a respected and feared icon in the world of firearms. Personal favorites of modern Colt weaponry: 357. Mag. King Cobra, 1911 45. Cal.
    “Then I went and bought myself a Colt 45. Called a peace-maker and I didn’t know why.” -Johnny Cash

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