Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Long weekends always let the mind wander…

  • If Santorum hasn’t judged the adequacy of your faith yet, be patient as he works through the backlog….
  • Does it matter that the Presidents we honor didn’t want their birthdays to be holidays?
  • The irony of Las Vegas- a city built upon taking money that people have to spend there to have a good time.
  • There are Mormon and evangelical churches in Las Vegas….why?  If they reform the city, it will cease to exist.
  •  People who hate Lyndon Johnson, don’t really understand him
  • Charter schools work
  • Henry Clay flip-flopped in the middle of the 1844 campaign- makes Mitt Romney seem rock solid.
  • Jennifer Aniston is a size 0 –  Marilyn Monroe was a size 12…..which is preferable ?
  • Sinatra, Martin, Davis  –  Clooney, Pitt, Damon  …   is there a comparison here?
  • Las Vegas is not for children
  • Stop apologizing for America 
  • De Gaulle complained about American Vietnam policy, hinted at removing US troops from Europe–LBJ’s response,  “should we dig up the dead ones and bring them home too?” 

I will have your support.....





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2 responses to “Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

  1. Donna Sheaffer

    Good one!!!

  2. Chuy

    i would take Monroe in a heart beat

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