Men in Black

There was no greater lawman in the West… than Wyatt Earp (so the legend goes.)  Earp didn’t reside in Arizona more than 2 years but his reputation left an indelible mark.  To honor the territorial era lawmen, Arizona constructed a peace officers’ memorial, an anonymous figure representing all the brave men who wore the badge.  A closer look at the statue shows an unmistakable resemblance to one officer in particular.

Who inspired this ?


Being the toughest and deadliest gunslinger requires… just the right image.  What if three brothers involved in the most infamous gunfight in the annals of the west were all blonde haired and blue-eyed?  Not exactly the classic tough guy image required to carry on a legend.  Artists committed to perpetuating the Earp mythology have portrayed the heroes as tall, dark, and deadly. 

Earp in 1889- modified


A fair-haired tough guy?


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