Creepy is Just Creepy

Not to begrudge any faith…but this posthumous- celestial stuff the Mormons carry on is just creepy.  It takes a lot to make Elie Wiesel angry, but news that Mormons were ‘baptizing’  Holocaust victims was a bit too much for the N0bel Prize winner.


This practice appears to be prevalent… throughout the Mormon faith and is centered in their huge collection of genealogical records.  Contact the Mormons about your family history and get ready to have newly baptized, ghostly Mormons haunting your family tree.

Now Mormons want to join Thomas Jefferson… and Sally Hemings in eternal/celestial matrimony.  It is bad enough that the sharply disputed theory of a Jefferson/Hemings union is considered fact in the Mormon records, but now LDS wants to forever link them as husband and wife.  For further reading, check out my posts on Jefferson and Hemings, “Riddle Me That” and “Define Character Assassination.”



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