Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Keep a clear eye!

  • Ron Paul wants to be the next Millard Fillmore… there is humor in that fact
  • The Obama administration is every bit as secretive and unethical as the Bush White House
  • American foreign policy is a wreck right now… there is no Obama Doctrine
  • Obama needs to start talking about Congress again….
  • Why won’t the police officers of Arizona ever endorse Joe Arpaio?
  • County Sheriffs should not be celebrities
  • Does Mitt Romney want to be the next Rutherford Hayes?
  •  So much for the Tea Party being a movement of fiscal Conservatives only…
  • If everyone in the country ignored Sarah Palin for one day….
  • Are the late April snow falls part of global warming?
  • Charlie Sheen was right….about his TV show
  • The NFL should take a serious look at the Saints’ Super Bowl victory
  • Notice how New England hasn’t won a Super Bowl since their cheating was discovered
  • Put Sam Elliot on a horse in a motion picture, good things will happen…

Lonesome in the saddle these days....



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2 responses to “Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

  1. Donna Sheaffer

    Good post Love Sam Elliot

  2. Only you would be savvy enough to compared Romney to Hayes of all people! Great point.

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