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History majors face a difficult job market… according to a new study.  Only architecture majors fared worse statistically.  History majors face an unemployment rate of over 15% with little hope of improvement.  Because of stringent teaching requirements in most states, a history degree cannot lead to a career in education.  A history degree seems to condemn the recipient to more schooling and more debt.

The remedy is a simple one… avoid history classes in college.  Studying engineering and computers will provide the most opportunities after college.  It appears as if the national drive to strengthen science and math education has paid off handsomely. executives dominate the Fortune 500 and even entry level technology work pays handsomely when compared to what is available in the liberal arts.  There’s nothing cooler than hip, young tech industry executives soaking up everything gentrified neighborhoods have to offer.  But has all this effort…

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  1. That’s not good news but, I have were to wonder are those history majors of whom we speak actually learning history or leftist indoctrination (I don’t know and suspect it depends on the school). If they’ve merely been indoctrinated they have no value except possibly as lawyers. We don’t really need a lot more of them either.

    Good history teachers we need, badly. You’re the pro in the field, how do we fix it?

  2. How unfortunate. I love history, and I would’ve pursued it were it not for that fact (though I took many courses, and my major was essentially history-based).

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