Practically Historical

Liberals hated George W. Bush and never… accepted his election victories.  When charges of wrong-doing went unsubstantiated, Liberal leaders decided to blame the system itself.  Harkening to the late 1970’s and Indiana Senator Birch Bayh’s radical electoral tinkering, Bush opponents blamed the Electoral College.  Petty politics and unbridled vanity caused this misguided interest group to second guess the likes of Hamilton and Madison.  The Electoral College prevents our voices from being heard…….BALDERDASH !


Madison and Hamilton created the Electoral College for specific reasons… and suppressing minority voters was not one of them.  Plurality is part of the Federal electoral process, but integrated to meet the needs of federalism.  Madison said,  “The executive power will be derived from a very compound source.  The immediate election of the President is to be made by the States in their political characters.  The votes allotted to them are in a compound ratio, which considers them…

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