History Channel?

Not much history here

For many years of its existence… People joked that the History Channel should have been named the ‘Hitler Channel’ – because of the ceaseless broadcasts of World War II documentaries.  Secrets of World War 2, More Secrets of World War 2, Still More Secrets of World War 2….viewers had to wonder if there would come a day when all the war’s secrets would be learned.  Proper historical programming was rare, but valuable- Civil War Journal, History vs. Hollywood, and The Revolution- were all beloved by buffs and novices alike.  Cable channels realized the money to be made in the gutters of ‘reality’ programming, the tide was unleashed and it swept away the History Channel.

Maybe his ancestors were aliens?

Historical shows were replaced by… suicidal truck drivers, alligator hunters, angry lumberjacks, and pawn shops.  Where is the Civil War, Revolution, Presidents-  Ken Burns where are you?!?    What passes for history now?  Prehistoric aliens mating with humans? Cool gadgets and how they’re made? Redneck UFO sightings?  Junk Peddlers ripping off hoarders?   Help us Ken Burns, you’re our only hope…..



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6 responses to “History Channel?

  1. From your keyboard to the programming god’s ear.

    History dropped of my favorites list about 4 years ago, there’s more history on HGTV.

  2. Donna Sheaffer

    Good job!!!

  3. Arthur B. Fox

    Amen brother, never watch the History channel any more, fortunatley I get the Military Channel and history international, we are turning into a nation of clowns. A Fox, Pittsburgh, PA

  4. I heard “Mankind” was good. I actually have a neat idea for the History Channel, “EPiK FAILs”: the worst disasters, rulers, and battles of all time. Check out my blog @ EpikFails.com
    I fully intend to get a book published eventually…
    -Erik Slader

  5. bart ingraldi

    Whoo yeah! Your sentiments are spot on. I keep flipping to the station in the hope of finding something, anything, more cerebral than toothless monosyllabic characters extolling the virtues of pork rinds and chewing tobacco.
    Brilliant piece.

  6. There is more history on Practically Historical than the History Channel. I think they should rename the History Channel: Practically Hysterical.

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