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  It hardly seems like it’s been almost two months since our annual visit to Gettysburg…A very busy schedule[civil war, holiday preperations, work] hasn’t allowed much time for writing, but I’ll try and catch up again……

The trip to Gettysburg started with an early departure from Kittanning, arriving in Gettysburg around mid-morning…since Sue and I had a little time before other members were to arrive, we decided to go to the Wheatfield to place a flag on the 62nd monument, and to check the ground conditions prior to Saturday’s ceremony…it wouldn’t be long until we would realize that we were “guided” there for a reason…as we arrived at the monument, I noticed one other gentleman in the Wheatfield…as I was placing the flag, he drew closer, as if wanting to see “who places these flags”…”I’m going to put a flag there myself”, he said, and in an instant I knew that…

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