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“62nd PVI Monument”

On Monday,11 October,2010, I picked up my good friend and artist Larry Smail for a trip to Gettysburg, more specifically “The Wheatfield”, to do some on-site photos[and sketches] for a painting depicting the actions of Colonel Jacob Sweitzers’ Brigade on 2 July,1863…this part of the Battle of Gettysburg remains “lesser-known” than the  “Railroad Cut”,”Little Round Top” and “The Copse of Trees”, but it was one of the bloodiest and most fiercely contested areas…the 62nd PA, 4th MI, and 32nd MA made up Sweitzers’ 2nd Brigade,1st Division of the 5th Corps,Army of the Potomac in Rose’s Wheatfield that day[9th MA was detached and rejoined the brigade after the fighting ended that evening]…since joining Co.D,62nd PVI Living History Unit, I,along with others members of the unit, have studied that hallowed ground where our ancestors found themselves nearly surrounded…with that in mind, I have been wanting to find a way…

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