Wrong is Wrong

The decision to remove David Barton’s book from publication… has drawn the ire of  evangelicals across America.  Activists from Mike Huckabee to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann have embraced Barton as historical spokesman for the religious right of American politics.  As his supporters rally to his defense, arguing that free speech is under attack, some basic facts are being ignored and truth is being lost….

Fraudulent scholarship on display

  • Barton’s most vocal critics are Christians–  Thomas Kidd of Baylor University and Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College, both evangelical historians, have drawn attention to Barton’s gross inaccuracies.  Conventional Jefferson scholars paid little attention to the book.
  • Thomas Nelson is a Christian publishing house-  Barton’s book was not discontinued by some secular (or Liberal) publishing firm.  Nelson publishing is one of the largest Christian publishers in the world.
  • Free speech is not under attack-  Barton’s book is still being sold at his website and the book sold over a million copies- Barton’s dubious historical theories are being read and believed by a distressingly large number of people.  Publishers have every right to review and reconsider the work of their authors.  Barton’s book did not meet the muster of Thomas Nelson or any publisher.


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6 responses to “Wrong is Wrong

  1. If the book is that bad, I haven’t read it and didn’t plan to, then it’s just as bad as the revisionists. History cannot be propaganda. Yes bias will sneak in but we must try to control it.

    Jefferson was no angel, neither was he the Devil. He was a man, with strengths and weaknesses, like us all, although smarter than a lot of us put together.

  2. The only surprise is that the editors did not notice.

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