Don’t be Silly

David Barton was so desperate to prove… Thomas Jefferson was an evangelical Christian, he committed the worst possible scholarly sin- he attempted to minimize the contradiction of Jefferson and slave-owning.  Barton’s ill-conceived notion that Jefferson  was in fact a closet abolitionist renders his study nearly ludicrous.  Jefferson detested slavery, as did most of our Founders, but to a fine point, he did not free many of his slaves.  This theory was a bridge too far in an already frightful display of propaganda.  Jefferson doesn’t need the likes of David Barton to argue the issue of slavery for him.  Near the end of his life, the Sage of Monticello knew that the crime of slavery was set for extinction…..

The next generation will right the wrong…..

  “A good cause is often injured more by ill-timed efforts of its friends than by the arguments of its enemies.  Persuasion, perseverance, and patience are the best advocates on questions depending on the will of others.  The revolution in public opinion which this cause requires, is not to be expected in a day, or perhaps in an age; but time, which outlives all things, will outlive this evil also.  My sentiments have been forty years before the public.  Had I repeated them forty times, they would only have become the more stale and threadbare.  Although I shall not live to see them consummated, they will not die with me; but living or dying, they will ever be in my most fervent prayer.”  Thomas Jefferson, May, 1826





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2 responses to “Don’t be Silly

  1. Good thing there are historians like you to counter Barton.

  2. Those today who dedicate themselves to various causes hoping for social change would be wise to take a page from Jefferson’s philosophy.

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