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Between my time at Ellis Reference and long-term filling in at my old middle school library, I have noticed a trend in which reference resources are most commonly used.  As knowing these things can be useful to more than just me, I thought I would present a couple lists.

Middle and High School:

  1. Atlases: Online or print, either works. My favorite general print version is Rand McNally as they update maps yearly.  There are also specialized atlases for specific eras, events, etc.  For online, Google Maps or Google Earth dominate the market for current information.
  2. Dictionary and Thesaurus: Again, either print or online will work.  My favorite to refer to online is Merriam Webster as it provides the definitions, variations, synonyms, and antonyms.
  3. Citation Guides:  In both high school and collegiate general studies composition classes, the favored guide was Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual.  This guide provided the most…

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