Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Nothing beats an evening of history….

  • Jefferson scholarship is in a dangerous place right now
  • Dangerous precedents are being set today by Jefferson “scholars”
  • Simple lessons found in research are being forgotten; notably, if something cannot be proven, don’t report it as fact
  • Psychobiography has been discredited, please stop using it
  • There is a need for racial understanding and reconciliation- but not at the expense of history…
  • We know very little about  Jefferson’s private life-  he wanted it that way
  • No one is saying there is no need for new Jefferson scholarship, but it has to be responsible
  • Awards are being won, money is being made, but the real Jefferson is being lost
  • People looking for a good book about Jefferson, should always be shown something by Malone, Petersen, or Randall first
  • Ken Burns didn’t help matters much…
  • Madison Prep PPO invites you to an of History to discuss Jefferson scholarship today…. April 9 at 6pm     Elegant Dinner provided -Live Music-  some guy will talk about Jefferson. 
Can you read the words falling off my quill?

Can you read the words falling off my quill?


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  1. Donna Sheaffer

    Love Ramblings

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