The Day After….if you missed it

What we learned during An Evening of History…

  • There is more than enough reasonable doubt in the Jefferson/Hemings controversy- yet we accept the story as historical fact.
  • Reasonable scholars have endorsed the Jefferson/Hemings story out of fear- but have disguised their fear as an attempt at racial reconciliation.
  • The DNA results were not conclusive, in fact, they have made the situation more confusing
  • Oral history is rarely reliable
  • Jefferson did not father any of Sally Hemings children- her children had multiple fathers
  • Joe Ellis, Andrew Burstein, and Jon Meacham are talented historians who have produced less than stellar books about Jefferson.
  • Fawn Brodie will never be vindicated.
  • Annette Gordon-Reed has reduced vital historical discourse to tabloid level conjecture.
  • Jefferson was not a christian, but he was no atheist either- the tug-of-war over his spiritually completely misses the point.
  • We need Dumas Malone more than ever….
Moment of reflection

Moment of reflection

And now, we catch our breath….


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