Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Hey, who asked you?

  • Explain the purpose of law that only scrutinizes those who will obey it
  • The American people will remain fickle- we lament too much legislation, but reelect the authors of those laws
  • There are plenty of policy points that should be open to negotiation- the Bill of Rights must never be included
  • It is easier to write more laws and regulations rather than enforce the complicated ones already on the books
  • There is a dangerously large number of Americans who do not pay income taxes-  they don’t make enough money to be taxed
  • This is more indicative of the private sector than of tax policy– why are salaries in America so low?
  • There is no shame in getting a tax refund
  • Gun control advocates have no idea what laws already exist- nor do they care to…
  • “Progressives”  should just tell us what our hobbies should be–they already enjoy dictating what we cannot eat
  • Charter schools operated by districts aren’t charter schools at all…
  • Independent charter schools work-  for-profit charters need regulation 
Something to fight against

Something to fight against


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