1942 Turning Points: The Doolitte Raid and Coral Sea

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A bit of military history for Memorial Day in remembrance of those who served.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan brought the United States into the Second World War.  The Battles of the Philippines, Wake Island, and Java Sea followed in defeat for the United States Navy.  For the Army, General MacArthur would soon retreat to Australia from the Philippines.  Beginning in April, 1942, the tide would turn in the United States’ favor.

The offensive war for the United States began when the United States struck back at the Japanese with the Doolittle Raid.  Leading up to the Raid, sixteen B-25 Mitchells and their crews spent several months training how to launch the bombers from a five hundred foot simulated carrier deck runway. These efforts were orchestrated and led by Colonel Jimmy H. Doolittle.  In April, 1942, the Raiders and their planes left California on board the USS

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