Gettysburg 150- Some Final Thoughts


Dispatches from a living historian…


Heat? I hadn't noticed

Heat? I hadn’t noticed


  • A week never to be forgotten– the perfect culmination to my 20+ years of reenacting – men and women from all over the country coming together for history and remembrance
  • Focus on education–  Spectators hungry for information meeting reenactors anxious to teach: the result- understanding
  • More respect than ever–  Mother nature made sure to show the 15,000+  men in uniform what their ancestors dealt with 150 years ago.   94 degrees, 90% humidity- a wool blend is no ones first choice in apparel. 
  • Spiritual connections–  Every reenactor on the field could feel the magnitude of the occasion, and at times it was awe inspiring.  The brave men who struggled here do speak to us, we do our best to honor their memory- by sharing the experience with the latest generation.


  • Knowledge, not war- Academics will never understand- reenactors are not glorifying war nor just playing soldier.  We acknowledge there is a wider perspective that needs to be studied, but the 500,000+ spectators sure seemed interested in what we had to say….sorry Professor 
  • The real purpose-  Living history is an education experience.  Reenactors are students of the Civil War as well as a gateway to the past for spectators.  A reenactor who quits learning has already left the hobby.  There was plenty to learn this week by all in attendance…  for the sake of our country, let’s hope the lessons were embraced by everyone. 
Tenting tonight

Tenting tonight



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5 responses to “Gettysburg 150- Some Final Thoughts

  1. NEO

    Well done, Lieutenant.

  2. Dave

    Thanks for your dispatches from the front this past week. I have been following all news from Gettysburg this year, and especially this past couple of weeks, with added interest, knowing that you and other reenacting friends were there. Also, I very much appreciate your comments regarding the teaching of history through living history. As you and I both know, it is hard enough to teach lessons from the past to young people, and ANY tool that helps facilitate understanding, for young or old, about these important events and people is a positive thing.

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