Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

…Yadda Yadda, Yadda

  • We haven’t learned all the lessons of the Civil War- there are still fools in this country with “secession” dripping from their lips
  • Lincoln was right, secession in the essence of anarchy
  • If our Union is a contract, can it be broken by fewer than all the parties that made it?
  • Gettysburg 150 should have been a clear reminder of why secession is on the ash heap of history
  • The federal government needs to stay out of the Trayvon Martin case
  • You cannot shout our justice system is broken every time a verdict doesn’t go the way you want it to…
  • We need to have a professional juror pool
  • Barack Obama has an uncanny knack for trivializing the momentous and magnifying the miniscule
  • Ted Kennedy should not be in Arlington National Cemetery
  • Battlefield preservation should still be on our minds
  • Dry heat or not, 118 degrees is unbearable
  • Train travel is truly an experience-  Amtrak should be saved
  • High speed rail can work here- just don’t tell the airline industry
  • School reform without school choice is no reform at all



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