Everybody Wants to be a Historian

Noted economist Thomas Sowell fancies himself… a historian.  In his syndicated column he often pontificates on historical issues with an assumed air of expertise.  Conservatives in America accept his theories outside the realm of economics as if they were debated, peer-reviewed, and definitive.  Trouble is, outside of economics, Mr. Sowell is a novice.

Leave history to the historians…

Modern social media makes contact between scholars… easier than ever.  Practically Historical recently pointed out to Professor Sowell that his recent op-ed pieces attacking the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt were misguided and far outside the mainstream.  It was made abundantly clear that there are working historians who can inform the public about the progressive policies of Teddy Roosevelt  (and it may have been hinted which discipline is clearly superior.)

Academic squabbles are nothing new… but modern social media makes it possible for the antagonists never to square off.  Remaining true to the passive aggressive nature of economists, Professor Sowell published this column belittling the history profession and the academics who pursue it.  Good one…..I guess ? 

Try us ! We’re great at parties !



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5 responses to “Everybody Wants to be a Historian

  1. Discovering the truth about “heroes” is not only unpleasant – but absolutely necessary. Teddy and FDR both, in my opinion leave quite a lot to be desired. Their cons out-weigh their pros.

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