Sorry No Longer

Barack Obama may think he is improving… America’s standing in the world following the conflicts of the Bush administration.  The questionable reception of the Nobel Peace Prize is proof that the world was ready to listen to Obama.  It seems that his foreign policy has been nothing more than a series of routine military decisions, deference to allies, and apologies for our previous ‘transgressions.’  The result has been a serious diminishment in America’s global influence.  Libya, Egypt, and Syria have all been serious missteps by this administration. Merely condemning dangerous actions displays more indifference than leadership.  Part of being a leader is getting subordinates to fall in line and stay there.  Continuously admitting errors is causing our allies to think twice about following.  Our enemies are taking notice of our weakened stance.  America needs a stronger foreign policy as we continue into the uncertainty of the 21st century.

Mixed messages, dangerous results

Charles De Gaulle wanted nothing more… than to withdraw France from NATO in 1966.  He no longer wanted to follow America’s lead in battling the Soviet threat to Europe.  He also demanded that American troops be withdrawn from France to show his nation’s independence from foreign directives.  At the summit between the two nations, De Gaulle made his demands expecting President Lyndon Johnson to acquiesce.  Johnson was having none of it.  LBJ informed the translator to direct a serious inquiry to the General… “What about the dead ones(American soldiers) -should we dig them up and bring them back?”   De Gaulle never answered.  America should never compromise its security or apologize for its leadership.

We will have it our way!


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  1. Perhaps the “transgressions” of the past Barack should apologize for are for having the hubris to think he was qualified for the job in the first place, for running and for accepting the nomination. Let’s start there. Lately, it seems the average teen has to answer more background questions and prove more job experience to apply for work at the local mini-mart than is required to become what was once the leader of the Free World.

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