United States and Worldwide Genealogy Resources

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Well, it’s been a while since my last genealogy resources post.  I meant to complete the three-part cycle sooner, but too many other pressing ideas decided they wanted to be written first.  After covering resources specific to Missouri and the sub-region of Southeast Missouri, both of which I have worked extensively with, I am branching directly out to worldwide resources.  Why?  I could focus on just United States resources, but once looking at this level most sources also cover places worldwide.  There is simply no reason to divide the topics and repeat many resources.  That said, let us examine what resources are exist.



Subscription-based for content; Free to create a family tree.  Offers individual and library subscriptions.

Check and see if you local library offers it before paying.

Ancestry.com by far has the largest hold on the genealogy market.  Over the last decade they have bought out…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I hope your readers find it useful!

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