Korean War (6)

Pacific Paratrooper

General Almond (with no seaborne experience) would command the X Corps and it would remain separate of the 8th Army and General Walton Walker. The Navy, represented by Admiral Arleigh Burke, told MacArthur that the harbor at Inchon had natural obstacles and typhoon season was quickly approaching, the landing should take place sooner than originally planned. The 7th Division and 5th Marines were to be utilized despite Walker’s objections. The 187th Regimental Combat Team was included in the original plans, but MacArthur chose to keep them in reserve and ordered the South Koreans to be used to fill in the gaps.

10-12 September 1950, a flotilla of 261 transports, warships and support vessels left for Korea under the flags of Australia, Canada, Britain, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the U.S.. Thirty-seven of the 47 U.S. ships had Japanese aboard them to man the LSTs and hundred that would be…

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