Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

You ask a stupid question….

  • The Arab Spring seems to have denigrated into a dust bowl
  • Secular strong man are preferable to theocracy any day
  • Remember the good old days when our national interests only involved free navigation of the seas and favorable trade terms?
  • Perhaps this would be a good time for Charlie Gibson to explain the ‘Bush Doctrine’ 
  • Where does the buck stop now?
  • Government regulation?  Where would Carnegie have been without steel tariffs ?
  • Sorry farmers, but it’s time to drop the sugar tariffs- corn syrup is killing us
  • Philanthropy- or wealthy guilt-syndrome
  • Carnegie should have paid his workers more- they worked 12 hour shifts… McDonalds’ workers are not comparable
  • Race has nothing to do with the wages of fast food workers
  • Fast food shift work should not be how anyone makes a living
  • The minimum wage actually keeps pay rates lower
  • Charter schools work
  • Diane Ravitch is just a lobbyist for the NEA now…
Enlighten us, Charlie....if you can

Enlighten us, Charlie….if you can


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