The Marble Model

Robert Edward Lee   January 19,1807-October 12, 1870

  • Renounces citizenship  April 20, 1861
  • Granted amnesty by President Andrew Johnson- October 2, 1865
  • Granted full pardon by Johnson- December 25, 1868
  • Citizenship restored by Act of Congress- August 5, 1975  

 “The greatest mistake of my life was taking a military education.”

“A figure lost to flesh and blood and bones, Frozen into a legend out of life, A blank-verse statue —… For here was someone who lived all his life In the most fierce and open light of the sun And kept his heart a secret to the end From all the picklocks of biographers.”  Stephen Vincent Benét



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3 responses to “The Marble Model

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a portrait of him that didn’t have white hair.

    • I believe there are only two sittings of him pre-Civil War

      • That would explain it. Lee doesn’t appear in my novel–the time period is much earlier–but his father and older half-brother do. Part of the book is set in Baltimore during the War of 1812, so I mention the horrible attack that left Light Horse Harry Lee half-blinded and permanently injured.

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