What Ground is This?

This blog has made historical preservation a priority… especially, Civil War battlefields.  These historic sites are under constant pressure from developers with little concern but their bottom lines.  If development is given inches, it will take miles, and our history right from under us.  The victory at the Wilderness battlefield over the Wal-Mart giant was just a small respite in the ongoing struggle for our past.

Fredericksburg, 1862

Nowhere can this be better illustrated… than at Fredericksburg National Battlefield.  The calamitous struggle for Marye’s Heights just west of downtown Fredericksburg was lost long ago to growth, development, and “prosperity.”   The question must be asked, is the progress that carried Fredericksburg west worth the loss of history, understanding, and remembrance?  Visitors must now stare into a low rent neighborhood where brave men gave their lives for this country.  Someone is getting paid, bottom lines are being met, but history is lost.

The last full measure, lost



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4 responses to “What Ground is This?

  1. As a Virginia resident living almost exactly between the two battlefields you mentioned above, I couldn’t have said it any better myself…

  2. So sad about Fredericksburg. That place was so haunting when I visited years ago.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Fredericksburg, but I’m happy that people like you try to fight for these sites! Thanks! 🙂

  4. “Someone is getting paid, bottom lines are being met, but history is lost.” This line sums it all up succinctly.

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