Korean War (28)

Pacific Paratrooper


21 April 1952, during combat operations off Kojo, a serious powder fire developed in the No. 1, 8″ turret on the USS St. Paul; 30 men were killed as a result.  ROK troops left the USS Horace A. Bass to commence 8 different amphibious landings.  Their missions being to acquire intelligence and destroy what they could all along the northeast coast of Korea.  This operation would last 2 weeks.

25 April, intelligence reported a stockpiling of sand and gravel along the rail spur at Pyongyang East airfield which indicated that the North Korean Air Force was planning to repair the jet base.  An aerial photo of the bays, just west of No-do Pan-do (Wonsan) showed 83 small boats and 17  60-foot vessels.

30 April, the USS Horace A. Bass had a successful landing party go ashore on the north coast of Korea.  They exploded a 120-pound charge on…

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