Facts in Five

Thomas Jefferson edition- part 1

  • Jefferson had one of America’s great wine cellars- his love of wine always had him in debt. His wine cellar was 18/15/10.  During his presidency he spent an estimated $11,000 on wine, equivalent to $147,000 today.
  • Public speaking terrified him- John Adams claimed never to have heard him speak more than a sentence while in the Continental Congress.  Jefferson never gave a State of the Union address- all eight of his were hand delivered to Congress. 
  • No abuse of power allowed- Jefferson was the first two-term President never to veto a bill. 
  • Man of the world- Jefferson was fluent in six languages (English, Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish,  French) and could understand 12 different American Indian dialects.
Oh really.....do tell.

Oh really…..do tell.



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2 responses to “Facts in Five

  1. Reblogged this on MY HOUSE THE TRADING POST and commented:
    I didn’t feel like wrting. I’ve been reading everyone elses blogs today. Thomas Jefferson had an impressive wine collection, he liked to entertain.

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