Korean War (36)

Pacific Paratrooper


8 January 1953, the Marine 7th Regiment took Hill 67, a mile and a half from Panmunjom.

24 January, two platoons from the Ethiopian Battalion attached to the 7th Div. seized a hill south of Old Baldy.

During the period 12-20 January 1953, the 57th Field Artillery Battalion, alone in direct support of the 31st Regiment, poured close to 110,000 rounds of 105mm fire into the T-Bone complex.  They were seeking to destroy enemy bunkers and weapons in preparation for Operation Smack as the D-day, 25 January approached.

On 24 January, the Air Force dropped 136,000 lbs of bombs  and 14 napalm tanks on the target complex.  The next morning, as the infantry and tankers gathered in the assembly areas, the Air Force began the first of 18 strikes.  Carrying two 1,000 lb bombs each, 8 F-84 Thunderjets swept over the cross of T-Bone and unloaded their cargo.  By…

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