Korean War (40)

Pacific Paratrooper


By 1 April 1953, George Company/ 3rd Battalion/1st Marines, (mentioned in the previous post), had moved to Hill 229, also known as Paekhak Hill, located about a mile from the Panmunjom Corrider.  It was the second most important position on the MLR.  6 April, the POW repatriation was still the main snag in the peace talks; the communists agreed to voluntary repatriation.

Back at the Chosin Reservoir, 28 months before, Captain Carl Sitter had given Genorge Company the nickname of “Bloddy George” and it was still applicable here on Hill 229.  The new XO, Lt. Richard Guidera stated:

On the evening of 17 April 1953, we were sending out a combat patrol led by Lt. Jack McCoy.  I remember kidding with him that afternoon when I had completed his briefing and final arrangements.  He always wore his .45 hanging like a jock strap in front.  We all would laugh, including…

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