Providing Proper Context

The success of Spielberg’s “Lincoln” has generated… popular interest in one of America’s most studied figures.  As millions rush booksellers around the country, here is a little guidance to locate the proper studies which can help bring Honest Abe into context:


Lincoln- 1996:  by David Herbert Donald-  The best single volume biography of Lincoln, period.  Pulitzer Prize winning biographer Donald, brings Lincoln to life by focusing exclusively on the man- not allowing his study to stray as many writers often do.  Lincoln emerges as ambitious, witty, and at times melancholy.  A fair, detailed study of a complex but worthy subject.


Lincoln at Gettysburg; the Words that Remade America-2006: by Garry Wills-  Renowned classicist Garry Wills provides invaluable context to Lincoln’s greatest speech.  Many have memorized the lines, Wills  explains their cultural and intellectual significance to our history.   Few writers have attempted such a detailed and ambitious project.


Lincoln’s Virtues; An Ethical Biography-2003: by William Lee Miller-  How did Lincoln develop the character to guide America through its darkest hour?  Miller’s study delves into the development of Lincoln’s long acknowledged virtues.  Lincoln was not destined to be on our currency, circumstances in his life built the man one moral brick at a time.  Revisionists run from Miller’s book because of his painstaking research and irrefutable logic.


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  1. Thanks for posting these recommendations.

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