Top 5 Pernicious Americans

And now presenting the first… of many top 5 lists.  All opinions expressed belong to Practically Historical and probably will not appear in any text book or college history class… Scoundrels plaguing American History:

“Ambitious as Lucifer, cold as a snake”

#5  Jefferson Davis… Could easily rank first on any list of villains, but he is fortunate in this case; the slime trail in front of him keeps his rank this low.

He was a traitor to his country and led a rebellion against it.

He fought a calamitous war to perpetuate slavery.

That was one terrible attempt at growing a Lincoln beard !

#4  James A. Garfield… I know what you are thinking, “Garfield, really?”  By most accounts he was solid public figure.  Sometimes, how you reach prominence is just as damning as what you do when you get there.

Garfield was the epitome of political patronage.  He rode the coattails of greater men until he didn’t need them…

He ruined the careers of fine military officers who trusted him implicitly(see William S. Rosecrans.)

When he could no longer use the military for advancement, he resigned and went into politics.  Way to go Jimmie !  (Did anyone ever see him write in Latin with one hand and Greek with the other?)

“A dangerous man, and one who ought not be trusted with the reins of government.”

#3  Aaron Burr… Is an obvious choice and no list of scoundrels is complete without him.

Stabbed Jefferson in the back and tried to steal the election of 1800.

While Vice-President, killed Alexander Hamilton, a greater man by any account.

Plotted secession and tried to establish himself as the dictator of a western empire.

Impossible to say his name with lots of peanut butter in your mouth….

Political hatchetman for hire…

#2  James T. Callender… If he were alive today, the National Enquirer would not have him…

Ruined the reputation of Alexander Hamilton reprinting lies Congress had acquitted  him of…

Assassinated Thomas Jefferson’s character after  Jefferson  granted him a presidential pardon…

Is largely responsible for the controversy that plagues the legacy of Thomas Jefferson to this day…

Slavery had no greater champion

#1  John C. Calhoun… One of Andrew Jackson’s two regrets was not hanging this piece of work…

Started the Nullification Crisis by publishing an anonymous essay…real courage there!

Completely changed his political philosophy in a 3 year span…stick to your guns!

Resigned the Vice-Presidency after losing a stare down with Old Hickory…brave.

Devoted the bulk of his political career to tearing the Union apart over the issue of slavery.

He makes Henry Clay appear handsome !



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2 responses to “Top 5 Pernicious Americans

  1. Didn’t know about Garfield. One of the things I find interesting about Calhoun is that he was very handsome as a young man–a classic case of bitterness ossifying a face into a frightening mask (in my opinion anyway).

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