Intermission Stories (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

"Wild Bill" Guarnere w/ fellow troopers “Wild Bill” Guarnere w/ fellow troopers

Personal note – The posts listed under the title of Intermission Stories will be numbered just as the Korean War series is.  These will be first hand stories, events missed, pieces I found to be interesting, obituaries and my own experience climbing into a B-17 “Flying Fortress.” (Try not to laugh too hard at that one.)  This will enable me to gather and try to organize the data I have accumulated for the forthcoming WWII series.

Please remember – all of your stories are welcome in the comments and they need not be only of these two wars; some of you are current members of the military and some are civilians with home front experiences.  If you have a post or web site dedicated to a veteran and/or event, please supply a link so that all of us can read it.

Thank you ALL…

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  1. I sincerely hope your readers will enjoy the articles, thank you for your interest.

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