One day after Union troops captured Richmond… Lincoln toured the city.  He was truly a Commander-in-Chief, never letting the Army and its missions far from his personal control.  So much blood and treasure had been spent capturing the rebel capital, Lincoln had to see it for himself.  Lincoln had been under fire before at Fort Stevens in July of 1864,  so the personal attention he paid to Richmond was not unusual.

A stroll for the ages

A crowd of freed slaves surrounded Lincoln and his guards… as me maneuvered through the burning rubble of Richmond.  Lincoln toured the Confederate Congressional chambers and the notorious Libby Prison, but the transcendental moment occurred when he entered the Confederate white house and sat at Jefferson Davis’ desk.  The troops outside erupted into cheers.  HUZZAH!!

Take a seat here, Mr. President



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2 responses to “Catharsis

  1. From what I’ve read about Lincoln, which isn’t much sadly, he seemed to be very involved with the army, even when the situation could have been dangerous.

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