Hidden Treasures

Summer vacation is nearly upon us… and if historic sites are on your calendar, maybe these will peak your interest.  Plenty of history can be found off the beaten path and the interstate…

Officer’s row, Fort Sisseton

  • Fort Bowie, ArizonaFort Sisseton, South DakotaFort Bowie was the focal point of campaigns against the Chiricahua Apaches and Geronimo for over 20 years.  Located in the ghostly Chiricahua mountains near the historic Apache Spring, Fort Bowie is a pivotal piece of frontier history.  Historic Fort Sisseton was one of the first frontier posts in the Dakota territory.  Newly preserved, the Fort stands as one of the best examples of 19th century frontier military posts.
  • Little Big Horn National MonumentShiloh National Military ParkDramatic views, haunting scenery, moving memorials-Little Big Horn has it all.  The site of Custer’s last stand needs to be seen to truly appreciate the drama of the Plains war.  Shiloh is one of the best preserved battlefields in the country.  Visitors can walk the 1862 battle lines with little, if any, interference from the modern world.
  • WheatlandMontpelier;    James Buchanan stands as a controversial figure in American history.  His home stands in historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Visiting Wheatland can provide insight into the life of America’s only bachelor President.  James Madison’s home has been rescued from the nightmare of the Dupont ownership and restored.  Montpelier is a worthy addition to any visit to Central Virginia (to see another famous home there, perhaps….)

Madison’s getaway



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2 responses to “Hidden Treasures

  1. I want to go to Fort Bowie!!!! If only I had a little extra cash and someone to milk the goats.

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