Facts in Five

Easily forgotten statistics… about our fighting men in the Civil War:

  • Two out of every five soldiers killed in action would be buried as ‘Unknown’
  • The average soldier was 23 years old, 5’4″ tall, and weighed 143 pounds
  • One in ten soldiers were wounded in combat
  • The Union desertion rate was 12% –  Confederate was 16%
  • One in 65 soldiers died in combat
  • Edged weapons accounted for less than 2% of Civil War casualties
  • Only one in seven wounded soldiers would survive their injuries
  • Death by disease and infections doubled the Killed-in-action rate.

No doubt figured, just amputate



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5 responses to “Facts in Five

  1. I used to collect Civil War prosthetics. It felt like there was a piece of the man’s soul left it those worn legs and arms. Sad.

  2. Death by disease seems to be the bigger killer when it comes to war death statistics. The numbers i’ve seen during WWI research has been mind blowing.

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