No Compromise

The United States cannot compromise…. its place in the world.  Much like the Barbary pirates of old, modern Islamic terrorists use not only the fear of violence, but also the potential for international outrage and embarrassment to gain geo-political position.  Instead of using captives as leverage, Islamists dupe unwitting muslims as human shields against retribution.  Angry muslim protesters across the Middle East are really just pawns in the hands of radicals who have hijacked the soul of the religion.  American inaction emboldens radicals and forces moderate muslims into silence.  200 years ago, America was forced to deal with Islamic terrorists bent on using violence and fear to sustain their waning position in the world.  America responded boldly, the world listened…..

Decatur crushed Algiers

Commodore Stephen Decatur took a squadron of 11 ships…. to the Northern coast of Africa and ended all tributes, bribes, and gifts demanded by the muslim Barbary states.  Kingdoms that resisted were crushed by American sea power.  Decatur dictated the new treaties, using strength as chief negotiating tool.  When several of the muslim despots tried to include smaller tributes in the talks, Decatur rebuked them in harsh terms….

“If you insist upon receiving gunpowder as tribute, you must expect to receive [cannon] balls with it.”

Always negotiate through strength


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