Only an Economist…

Thomas Sowell is a laissez faire economist…who views any government interference in the economy as tantamount to criminality.   His analysis of the Progressive legacy of Theodore Roosevelt is based on some fairly ludicrous assumptions:

  • Carnegie’s steelworkers weren’t exploited, they practically whistled their way to the mills everyday– Maybe professor Sowell should visit Western Pennsylvania sometime…
  • Monopolies were  good because they made money for shareholders–  Rockefeller couldn’t put everyone on his board, let’s just ignore all the regional refineries that he crushed.
  • The FDA stands in the way of the consumer economy– Oh yes, the Pure Food and Drug Act is all wrong.  We want formaldehyde in our milk, talc in our aspirin, and diseased pork on our plates.
  • Child labor teaches youngsters about a strong work ethic– Nothing says ‘life changing affirmation’ like a 14 hour shift… age 11.  
  • Workplace regulations steal money from shareholders–  Triangle Shirtwaste fire …enough said.  

Don’t Tread on Me !


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