Facts in Five

Andrew Carnegie edition…


  • Carnegie was a member of the South Fork Hunting and Fishing Club- a group that many historians blame for the infamous Johnstown Flood.  Members of the club purchased the South Fork dam and allowed it to fall into disrepair. 
  • Carnegie was a millionaire by 1869 and vowed to retire from business–a decision that lasted 3 years…when he started making steel.
  • The Homestead Strike (and subsequent violence ) was handled by Carnegie’s close associate, Henry Clay Frick.  Carnegie was visiting his castle in Scotland during the crisis.
  • Though he publicly denounced the amassing of wealth, Carnegie retired in 1901 as the richest man on earth.
  • Carnegie Mellon University was founded on a $2 million grant from Carnegie
Do as I say, not....

Do as I say, not….


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