Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

Only in America… such a reassuring ring to it


  • Simply because impeachment is part of the Constitution is a poor excuse to exercise such an option
  • The impeachment process places undue pressure on the republic
  • The country has not fully recovered from the last impeachment crisis…another one may spell the end
  • Barack Obama is guilty of a lot… “high crimes” is a hard standard to establish
  • For the last eight years, our foreign policy has been inept- our enemies have take advantage of the weak hand…
  • No President can ever forget the obligations of the Monroe Doctrine
  • Colorado is creating a permanent under-class that will probably never get off the couch…
  • John Denver would definitely change the words to his song about the Rocky Mountains…
  • Somewhere in America, someone is offended right now–  that’s hilarious…
  • We all need a thicker skin
  • Is it possible for Don Rickles to perform any longer?
  • For profit, corporate charter schools are dangerous
  • For the record- this educator works for a non-profit
  • Charter schools work….so does school choice
Lighten up, America !!!

Lighten up, America !!!


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