The Cavalry


US Cavalry Branch Insignia US Cavalry Branch Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jess titled her post this morning Here Comes the CavalryIt’s the perfect title because this is a perfect cavalry mission, it could have sprung full-blown from John Ford’s brow. It takes no imagination at all to see them as starving settlers in Indian country, does it?

I saw a tweet yesterday afternoon, while the rumors of air strikes were circulating, it went something like this, “Somebody is bombing IS forces, maybe it’s the Americans. God, I hope it’s the Americans”. We’d be wise to remember what the world really does think of us. They know we’re not perfect, we’ve told them so enough. They also know that we are the last hope of people in bad trouble. We are the cavalry.

Because in all those westerns we all knew who was going to rescue the settlers, nobody but the US Cavalry…

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