Review of “Ulysses S. Grant” by Josiah Bunting

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

Ulysses S. Grant” is Josiah Bunting’s 2004 biography of the eighteenth U.S. president. Bunting is an author, retired officer in the US Army and has served in a variety of academic and leadership capacities at West Point, the Naval War College, Princeton and VMI. His novel “The Lionheads” was one of Time Magazine’s “Ten Best Novels of 1973.”

As a member of The American Presidents Series, readers expect a concise, punchy, straightforward biography from Bunting, and he delivers precisely that. In a no-nonsense style stretching little more than one-hundred-fifty pages, Grant’s entire life is reviewed, analyzed and defended.

Beyond simply providing the reader with a fast, extremely comprehensible reading experience, Bunting often injects his own unique observations on Grant’s life. And although he often refers to the opinions of other well-known Grant biographers, he frequently provides his own interesting perspective on matters.

Relative to lengthier, more comprehensive biographies…

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