Nathanael Greene Homestead – Coventry

Trails & Walks in Rhode Island

Major General Nathanael Greene Homestead
Taft Street, Coventry, RI
Trailhead: 41°41’38.98″N, 71°32’39.51″W
Last Time Hiked: August 23, 2014
Approximate distance hiked: 1.5 miles
Easy with slight elevation.

On this property behind the homestead there is a small network of trails that run along and near the Pawtuxet River from the Washington Secondary Trail to a small peninsula. There is a spot to view the Anthony Trellis Bridge as well as the Clairiant Falls along the river. The falls are a manmade dam that once served a large mill building across the river. To access the trails follow the driveway to the right of the homestead. There is an opening in the stone wall here. Follow the path to the cemetery. There is an opening in the stone wall to the left of the cemetery. This is the access point to the trails. As for the homestead itself, there…

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