Undaunted in Battle


The Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland — when about 7000 Americans tried to defend Washington DC from the advance of 4500 British — has been called the most humiliating episode in American military history.  Because despite out-numbering the British, and suffering less casualties, the American commander ordered retreat.  And when he did, many of the American troops dropped their guns and ran.

bladensburg 078

The cause of the defeat seems to be incompetence among American leaders.  Ignoring information that the British were on their way until it was too late, they were forced to use troops — almost all of them militia, not regulars — that were ill-trained and ill-equipped.  And once they had troops in place – in the wrong place, as it happened – orders were confusing and the troops disorganized.  But the cause doesn’t really matter.  What’s remembered about the Battle of Bladensburg in popular history is that the American…

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