A Call to Action !

Practically Historical needs your help… to combat lazy history.  Lazy history is that narrative which is easily digestible.  Widely accepted, palatable, easily taught, politically correct, progressively biased, economically skewed– the list goes on, all describe lazy history.

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison….zzzzzzzzz


Lazy history teaches our children…and sadly, teaches them wrong.  Professors in the walled fortresses of academia control the narrative and develop curriculum for consumption by hungry young minds– examples of lazy history include;

  • Drawing hand turkeys to celebrate a holiday the Pilgrims did not create.
  • Castigate Pilgrims for ‘genocide’
  • George Washington never told a lie
  • Economic and social forces were more important during the Revolution than Washington
  • Columbus sailed the ocean blue….the only one who knew the world was round
  • Columbus killed millions
  • Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves
  • Lincoln was really a racist

Dead white guys are EVIL ! Say it ! Say it !

Historians are in the business of disagreement…history is not written in stone, so new interpretations are constantly being published and consumed as fact.  Historians will always have an axe to grind-there is no neutral history.  Remember this….and READ !     Start with the classics and work forward, then form your own opinions.  You will be surprised at how easily the historical record is manipulated.   This blog will continue to cut through the madness and provide a sensible look at American history.  America is the greatest nation in the history of the world.  It’s not perfect, what is really?  But the warts can be displayed with the diamonds and nothing needs an apology.


This humble correspondent will attempt…  One term Presidents are always failures, unless they accomplish something, then there must be a wicked conspiracy behind their efforts.   HOGWASH!      Some common sense and Practical History….



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