More the Fool…

Objectivists undoubtedly view Jonas Salk as a fool… never mind the fact that his work helped stop one of the great plagues of the 20th century.  It’s irrelevant that in 1952, 58,000 new cases of polio were reported, most of them in children.  No, the pressing nature of Salk’s research doesn’t matter either.  Jonas Salk was a fool because he didn’t patent his life’s great work.  He didn’t seek out the credit and adulation due him.  He was not John Galt…

Could you patent the sun?

Could you patent the sun?

Conservative estimates hold that Salk… could have earned upwards of $5billion for the rights to his vaccine.  His decision not to patent the discovery was a moral one…a historic one.  Salk believed that medical research was not something marketable, nor profitable.  Innovation does not always have to follow a profit margin- objectivism will never shed its selfish skin.


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