Ramblings of an Antiquated Mind

No one asked me, but…

  • Liberals now calling for an end to midterm elections were hailing them as “true democracy” in 2006
  • Historically, the President’s party almost always loses power in midterm elections
  • Second term presidents always lose popularity- Obama is no exception here
  • Principle can be displayed without obstructionism
  • Compromise is a dirty word in Washington these days- this ideological absolutism is stifling our republic
  • Would Eisenhower be welcomed in today’s Republican party?
  • Would JFK be a Democrat today?
  • Gun control was a big loser in this election- especially in Colorado
  • Jared Loughner and James Holmes would have passed the background checks Liberal politicians are demanding
  • John Kasich was the big winner this week- a humble, everyman populism that has a broad appeal…
  • Fight for school choice…
  • Charter schools work
2016 ?

2016 ?


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