Hero Worship vs. Intellectual Honesty

Salon magazine writer doubts… the heroism of our veterans.  He’s offended at the concept of someone in a uniform “protecting” his freedom-  honoring of veterans is a “childish” endeavor.  Our society should view people in uniform with “skepticism”- and in all honesty, disdain.  Real heroes think, talk, protest, complain, whine… anything but act.

Perspective, please.

Perspective, please.

In the cozy confines academia…action rarely extends beyond swanky  cocktail parties.  The intelligentsia of this country, reeling from their diminished status following the failures of the 1960’s, long for a day when policy makers will listen to them once again.  The American people should be held in contempt for their “patriotic sentimentality.”  The America we should love is a collection of lovers, writers, and thinkers- harmoniously espousing the virtues brotherhood(sisterhood too?)   Let the unwashed, stupid masses believe we are the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


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  1. An ivory tower is an ivory tower is an ivory tower.

    Ivory teeth, ivory eyes, ivory taste, ivory everything.

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