Conspiracy Eats Itself

Conspiracies rely upon the unknown… where there is no paper trail, recorded voices, or first hand accounts, conspiracies thrive.  Nothing brings out distrust more than secrecy, regardless of its motivation.  To say that every conspiracy is unfounded is either dangerously naive, or the weakest defense of a person with something to hide.  Where you find enough secrecy, there will always be conspiracy theories- because the historical record is not definitive…secrecy prevents it. 

Patsy no longer

Patsy no longer

Mafia, Cubans, Russians, Alien contact… there has been enough secrecy surrounding John Kennedy’s assassination, and the subsequent investigation, to fill volumes- enough to even prompt another government inquiry.  There is so much secrecy, so many unanswered questions surrounding Kennedy’s death that multiple conspiracies competed for the public’s attention.  Every avenue unsatisfactorily explored by official investigation is open to scrutiny, followed by conjecture.  Competing conspiracy theories have grown more outrageous through the years- many bordering on the absurd.  

Mystery in a riddle...

Mystery in a riddle…

The ebbs and flows of the historical record… now show  lone gunman theories back in favor.  Every major study of the assassination in the last decade has fingered Lee Harvey Oswald as the shooter.  The Grassy Knoll is now a punchline, rather than an epicenter.  The new authoritative narrative on the assassination dismisses long sought after eyewitnesses accounts as unreliable, confused, or fraudulent.      Tactics utilized by conspiracy theorist for decades have been turned around with chilling effect-  on the 50th anniversary of the assassination- believe Oswald acted alone or else. 

Never Forget Edward Lansdale- the key man.



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2 responses to “Conspiracy Eats Itself

  1. Its so odd how some folks would rather believe in some fanatical conspiracy than the actual truth in things. Conspiracy is not some romantic ideal, its a distortion.

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